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we may not make events,but when we try,we learn.

StackContext in Tornado

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A Dht Crawler in Python

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I recently write a dht crawler in python.

What a dht?well,you can think of it as a protocol as we treated the bt. And i am not gona tell you that i can’t understand it before i read the source code in python that implement it. LOL…It is the truth, the paper sometimes is just hard to read.

I call it the “bt-share”, meaning that it provide the seeds search service for people.

The Big Django

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我总是有种冲动要把一个框架给撸一遍才happy,但我发现这样把自己累得半死,还吸收不良…… 特别是当我遇到了神奇的Django,她的完备,资料齐全,开发方便,社区活跃,让我很high得撸了好几个月…..好吧,其实是项目需要…..

但就像有些人说的一样,当一个框架的文档完备到让人发紫的时候,是不是也意味着他很难改变? 额,有点,Django给我的感觉是,开发的程序猿是来写配置文件的,已经脱离了传统意义上的开发。那种感觉, 就像你去写rails一样,一切都安排好了,按着套路去填就好了。



The Little Scheme

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scheme, a dialect of lisp.


  • The law of Car The primitive car is defined only for non-empty lists.The cdr of any nonempty list is always another list.

  • The law of Cons The primitive cons takes two arguments.The second arugument to cons must be a list.The result is a list.

  • The law of Null? The primitive null? is defined only for lists.

My First Udacity Cource

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so it’s my second article written in english~greate!!!

i recently take an online course on udacity,use python to write a search engine~

not just awesome,but it tell me that how such monster like google being built.and i love pytho!

it showes that code course could be tought in this way,and the online edu interaction could play like this…

so ,here is the link~~and i wonder how many guys would do the final homework.would find a time to place the little search code on GAE,and make a gui for it~~~

if you come from china,why not go to the v2ex to share your learing experince with geeks….

find the course on udacity, keep learing .

Why and How in Lisp

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Being a Codesinger

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be a codesigner

codesigner这个词是不存在的,只是那次大学那次工作室的分享会,听到小健师兄说起这个自创的词语, 简单点说,就是,不想做设计师的程序员不是一个好的经济学者。

这句话好有趣,因为你终于有机会,不用站在自己固有的圈子里面,而是,尝试去触碰边界,就像Breat Victor那样。